About us


The Nation’s Largest Racehorse Adoption Program

New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program was founded in 1992 to offer retiring racehorses a safe haven, rehabilitation and continued education through placement in experienced, caring homes.

Some of the horses we serve are sound and healthy but simply too slow to be competitive on the track. Many have sustained injuries that need time to heal, while others need some R&R from the occupational hazards that come with being a racehorse and to get reacquainted with just being a horse again. But they all share a common plight: Without training beyond what they’ve learned for racing, a good future isn’t guaranteed.

New Vocations provides a safety net for these horses by matching them with qualified individuals and following up on their rehabilitation and vocational training to ensure a successful transition. Our focus is on adoption versus retirement, and we believe each horse deserves to have an individual home and purpose.

Today, we’ve placed more than 7,000 retired Thoroughbred and Standardbred racehorses from more than 40 different racetracks (including Hipódromo Camarero in Puerto Rico) in qualified homes throughout the country. We have six locations specializing in retraining and rehoming Thoroughbreds: our main base in Lexington, Kentucky; Medina and Xenia, Ohio; Hummelstown, Pennsylvania; Gansevoort, New York; and our newest facility in Covington, Louisiana. We retrain Standardbreds from two locations in Ohio: Hamilton and Sunbury.

New Vocations is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit racehorse adoption program.